connecting through music


connecting through music

You manage a restaurant, cafe, club, hotel, beauty studio, boutique, store, or any other place where you would like to create a pleasant atmosphere for clients using music – this offer is for you.


music without fees
to gema, biem, ascap, siae, sacem etc.

Our collection includes ambient music, atmospheric music, lounge, chillout, electronica, downtempo and others, allowing you to create a unique atmosphere. Now even shopping can be conducive to rest and relaxation.


Our aim is to meet the expectations of both artists looking for an alternative way to share their music, as well as venue owners who want the freedom of playing this music. We are the licensors, publishers and distributors of specially selected music for public airplay, without the need to pay additional fees to Collective Management of Copyright (and related rights) organizations CMCs – GEMA, BIEM, ASCAP, SIAE, SACEM etc.

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atmospheric places

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a healthy lifestyle with music

The music you play directly impacts guests. It allows you to create a unique, and original atmosphere and attract the right customer. Now we have the unique opportunity to take care of your guests’ positive mood, together.


Our aim is to co-create places that provide the opportunity to recharge the “inner battery”. Atmospheric Places – places supporting healthy lifestyles where you can stop and rest. Places where music creates a special atmosphere for your pleasure, setting the scene for unforgettable meetings with friends.

We support all our Business Partners who play music under the OPFP license, in their premises. Therefore, apart from music, we also offer marketing support, in the form, among others, of the ATMOSPHERIC PLACES Locator, thanks to which it will be easier for customers to able to find a place with music on OPFP licenses. Each site that cooperates with us has the opportunity to create personalized business cards with the option of determining the access route. We support our partners so that customers find their way to their favorite place easier.

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that’s our vision

Music to relax, to evening live concerts, workshops, meetings, lectures about healthy lifestyles. All of this we connect through music – that’s our response to the hustle and bustle of today’s world…


that’s our vision